Compulsory Sex Education for 5 year olds?

October 23, 2008

Should children as young as five be compulsorily given relationship lessons including sex education in schools? Most people will say not but that is what schools minister Jim Knight has decided and on which he is seeking a review as to how this should be implemented. A few years ago the Liberal Democrats passed a motion at their conference proposing compulsory sex education in primary schools. I recall absolute outrage from Labour Councillors in Kirklees where I was a councillor at such an absurd proposal. I suspect their outrage will be muted this time around.

This is yet another example of Labour wanting to dilute the rights of parents in bringing up their children in the manner that they choose. It is at odds with Conservative thinking in trusting parents to look after their children and giving parents the choice of deciding when their children should learn about sex education. This unfortunately is another step on the long road to ‘nationalisation’ of parenting taken by this government.