Tough on Terror?

October 26, 2008

Now that proposed legislation to detain alleged terrorist suspects for 42 days without charge has been shelved, Jacqui Smith has come up with another daft idea to try and show that her government is tough on terrorism. This plan involves naming and shaming those foreigners who have been refused a visa to the United Kingdom on security grounds such as preachers of hate and those who foster extremism – unless quite bizarrely, they can show the authorities that they have renounced their previously held views!

I simply cannot work out how naming these people keeps us safe or prevents another terrorist atrocity. It appears to be another gimmick and an attempt to get a pat on the back from the public for not giving permission to extremists to enter this country.

It would be far more sensible for the government to focus its energies on closing down those websites which are easily accessible where many preachers of hate convey their message rather than announcing that it has refused a visa to an individual.