Brand Resigns

October 29, 2008

Russell Brand has the honourable thing and resigned. The BBC will be very relieved that it doesn’t have to take a decision relating to one of the two presenters. I doubt very much anyone will have tried to talk him out of his decision.


BBC Suspends

October 29, 2008

The BBC has at last stirred into action and suspended Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross pending an investigation into their prank calls to Andrew Sach. As well as these two, the BBC should have suspended the person who decided to broadcast what was a pre recorded programme. The BBC is in real difficulty with this one. If it decides not to sack both presenters following an investigation it will no doubt face a backlash from both the public and politicians and the license fee issue will come to the fore again. It if sacks both, it loses two of its presenters who despite their idiotic recent behaviour are popular with many viewers.

Tough on Terror II?

October 29, 2008

More evidence here that the Government’s proposals to fight terror are more to do with headlines than tackling terrorism. After the press headlines and a round of media interviews the Home Secretary will learn if she doesn’t know already that unless an alleged preacher of hate is convicted of a crime in a court of law in this country she will not be able to deport him no matter how objectionable his views are. And if this preacher has acquired British nationality then her tasks become extremely difficult if not impossible.

And if preachers of hate wanting to come to this country are being sponsored from an organisation or individual from the UK and both parties denounce extremism and disassociate themselves from terrorism in a letter to the Home Office at the time of the application, will she grant him a visa because from the proposals put forward that is the that is required?