They Have Blood!

October 30, 2008

More bloodletting at the BBC with the controller of Radio 2 Lesley Douglas resigning. Jonathan Ross has been suspended from the BBC for 12 weeks but will that be sufficient to placate the angry public?

Give Them Blood!

October 30, 2008

It’s somewhat hypocritical of me to say this when this is my third post on the Ross/Brand story but the press and media coverage of this has snowballed with all other news being pushed aside. Gordon Brown must be doing cartwheels as the country’s focus shifts from his handling of the economy to the BBC’s handling of this sorry affair. The BBC has had over 30 000 complaints and there are ongoing investigations by both the BBC and OFCOM; and we’ve also got calls to debate the BBC handling of this episode in the commons! This is similar to the Shilpha Shetty/Big Brother racism affair where the public also telephoned with complaints in their thousands wanting action and which too was given plenty of oxygen by the media. It appears that we as a country love to hate a real life villain and until Jonathan Ross isn’t sent to the gallows sacked, there’ll be no peace.

Tax cuts v Interest rate cuts?

October 30, 2008

Lord Lawson wants interest rates cut and not cuts in taxes to deal with the impending recession. Contrast this with what what Ken Clarke recently said on Newsnight that interest rate cuts would have a negligible effect on reviving the economy. Which one of them is right?

From recent statements made by the Chancellor it seems he will try and borrow his way out of trouble with some tax cuts being funded by the additional borrowing highly likely . The fiscal rules laid down by Gordon Brown as Chancellor have been binned with the Chancellor saying it would be perverse to stick with these in the current economic climate. We’re back to the the Monetarists v Keynes economic debate with the Chancellor all set to favour Keynes.