The Deflectors

You have to admire the bare faced cheek sheer audacity of Labour in producing this dossier trying to portray George Osborne as a novice. One would have thought that with government borrowing going through the roof, house prices tumbling, 1.2 million facing negative equity, repossessions rising rapidly, more and more small businesses going bust daily, unemployment approaching 2 million, a long and painful recession looming as well as a plethora of economic gloom stories coming out each week, Labour would have enough on their plate without trying desperately to question George Osborne’s judgment.

The dossier is a calculated attack on George Osborne who Labour perceive incorrectly to be vulnerable after yachtgate. A dossier in return listing Gordon Brown’s failures would require a lot more than 14 pages to catalogue. It could perhaps start with this quote from Gordon Brown in January 1997:

‘In 1993, I said the new Labour Party would never construct economic policy by drawing up a wish-list of spending, seeing how much of it could be financed by taxation and meeting any gap by borrowing. There would be no return to the days of careless demand management, masquerading as Keynesianism.’

…which is exactly where we are at.

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