Panorama and Baby P

A BBC Panorama documentary on the circumstances leading up to Baby P’s death will be shown today at 8.30pm on BBC 1. It will allege that after a hospital visit in 2006, Baby P’s social worker did not want to return him to the family but taken into foster care. Haringey Council has many questions to answer and it will be interesting to see if they respond to any of the accusations made against it in this program.

One Response to Panorama and Baby P

  1. Gordon says:

    If Baby P had been a dog the RSPCA would have had the owners in court faster than that. Obviously Haringay officials do not even credit a child with a dogs life! Perhaps the RSPCA should be in charge of the mongrels on Haringay council & treat them to their own medicine? As for the 3 awaiting sentence – name them & feed them to the jailbirds-or is the law protecting their human rights. Until this country wakes up to the fact that people must be responsible for their actions we will continue to live in a society like this

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