Nick Clegg Supports Brown’s Borrowing

November 18, 2008

Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats thinks David Cameron not matching Labour’s spending plans is ‘economic madness’ adding that this was  ‘the surest way to push this recession into a slump….of course you have to borrow money for long term investment so that Britain comes out as a fairer and more sustainable economy…To say now…that we should take lots of money out of the economy would be a way of sending us from recession into full blown slump.’

This shouldn’t surprise us. The Lib Dems need to maintain their reputation for financial incompetence and what better way to show it than supporting Gordon Brown’s plans for binge borrowing and ensuring we all face huge tax bills later!


Tories Drop Labour Spending Plans

November 18, 2008

David Cameron has announced that the Conservative Party will not match Labour’s spending plans for 2010/11 for the simple and obvious reason that the country will be unable to afford increased spending.

This is to avoid huge increases in taxes later due to Gordon Brown’s crazy borrowing and will also allow the Conservatives the opportunity to either reduce government debt or cut taxes or both.

This announcement is hugely significant. It gives the Tories several options in tackling the downturn in the economy without having to borrow more. Prudent and responsible!