Has Nick Griffin Undermined BNP Philosophy?

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP responded to a question put to him on Channel 4 news yesterday by replying that teachers who were members of the BNP should not lose their jobs as long as they did not bring their political beliefs into the classroom – in effect saying that if they are the best people for their jobs, that should be the most important factor. To support his argument, Griffin queried what the outcry would be like if parents of Christian children asked for the removal of a Muslim teacher.

If he is putting forward the case that teachers should not be judged on their political beliefs (even if they are regarded as racist) but on their professional ability, then doesn’t this undermine BNP philosophy which says that its a person’s colour or religion (Islam usually) which is the most important factor when determining a person’s suitability for something like nationality/citizenship?

And therefore, if a black or Asian person, regardless of where they were born signs up to the ethos of this country, isn’t his ability to adhere to that ethos more important that the colour of his skin or his religion? Nick Griffin in his analogy has confirmed that it is.

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