Broken Britain by IDS

Following on from my post yesterday on Karen Matthews dysfunctional family life, read this excellent piece on the problems relating to Broken Britain by Iain Duncan Smith. IDS is doing excellent work on identifying why there is social and family breakdown in many areas of Britain through the Centre For Social Justice and how these should be rectified.

One Response to Broken Britain by IDS

  1. IDS writes, “Instead of arguing about whether British society is broken, we as politicians should commit to a programme to fix it.” I agree.

    Harry Phibbs compiled a list of 100 questions councillors should ask council officers to which I have added five more:

    – Does the council have a policy for domestic and social cohesion?
    – What steps has the council taken to monitor changes by neighbourhood in the married/divorced ratio, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, abortion, single parents, children in care, truancy etc.?
    – Do registrars signpost couples to research-based relationship education courses and pre-marital inventories?
    – Are the register offices equipped with Internet terminals to facilitate connections with voluntary groups and Internet based services?
    – To what extent does the council promote its policy for domestic and social cohesion through libraries and local advertising?

    I hope very much this will become a move towards publishing a ‘Social Capital Index’ by neighbourhood as a monitoring device [which will be at least as significant as GDP and RPI], and that signposting by registrars to relationship education – along the lines outlined by Maria Miller MP at the last Conservative Party conference – will be implemented now by local authorities in conjunction with voluntary groups.

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