Very Gloomy Forecast

January 28, 2009

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has today painted a very gloomy picture on the state of UK finances in the years to come with a prediction that it will take 20 years for UK debt to return to pre crisis levels and that £20 billion worth of tax rises or spending cuts will be necessary to achieve the improvement in the public finances set out in the PBR.

This forecast is in effect confirmation of this campaign video released by the Conservatives two weeks ago in that future generations will be straddled with debt left behind behind by Gordon Brown and his incompetent Government. Despite the plethora of gloomy economic news including job losses and record numbers of house repossessions, Gordon Brown refuses to acknowledge that he hasn’t ended economic boom and bust, a point put to him at today’s PMQ’s by David Cameron.

Cabinet Minutes on Iraq War

January 28, 2009

The decision by the Information Tribunal to order the Government to release minutes of Cabinet meetings in 2003 at which the invasion of Iraq and the legality of the war were discussed is a very important, welcome and significant decision. It will be interesting to discover how the legal advice relating to the legality of the Iraq war was presented and discussed and what concerns were raised regarding the bogus weapons of mass destruction argument.

I suspect that the Government will appeal this decision but its good to see the Freedom of Information Act being put to effective use for a change instead of the spurious and time wasting requests that we too often hear about.