Iraq Inquiry

David Miliband has confirmed that an inquiry into the Iraq war will be held sometime after July 2009. This is long overdue and it is to be hoped that the inquiry is comprehensive and wide ranging, and this time actually deals with all the circumstances leading up to the war especially the use of intelligence by ministers in making decisions.

One Response to Iraq Inquiry

  1. UK Voter says:

    It is clear, that MP’s are worried that at some stage, the public will demand that they take responsibility for their actions (including the Iraq War). However, they are clearly looking to head us off at the pass, with the introduction of a Private Members Bill, which will get its second reading on the 24th April. This Bill is aimed at providing a specific defence of ‘Reasonable Discretion’, whereby any public servant, including MP’s, will be able to claim that they acted in good faith and therefore, cannot be the subject of any criminal or civil proceedings.

    In effect, this will give our MP’s, as well as other public servants, with a ‘Get out of jail card’, provided they can claim that they acted with reasonable discretion. So, if an MP or Minister can claim that they acted on best advice, no matter how dubious, then they have a legitimate defence of reasonable discretion. Exemption of this type will just encourage reckless actions where public servants know they can act with impunity? I have written about this subject on my blog: There is more information on my blog:

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