More trouble in Pakistan

Further evidence of the sorry state of affairs in Pakistan as gunmen have seized a police academy in Lahore.

These attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and the Government of Pakistan must step up its security to an extremely high level to avoid giving the impression that it simply has no strategy to deal with the militants. This attack has similarities to the attacks in Mumbai and on the Sri Lankan cricket team and should be a concern for other countries such as the UK where terrorist could try and replicate the methods used by the terrorists in Pakistan.

One Response to More trouble in Pakistan

  1. neel123 says:

    It is time for Pakistan to realize that the Pak Army and the ISI has to stop looking at the terrorists as strategic assets.

    It should also realize that you can not patronize one group of terrorists, while fighting another.

    Using these terrorists as proxy against another soverign nation, comes with a price. Pakistan is perhaps paying that price now.

    The international community has been warning Pakistan of the danger of terrorism consuming Pakistan, but the Pakistani authorities are in a state of denial, so is the Pak media and a section of the population.

    The solution to the problem has to start with some serious re-think on the part of the Pak army and the ISI.

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