Baby P’s Mother Jailed

Baby Peter’s mother has been jailed indefinitely and told that she will serve at least five years in jail. The Judge described her as ‘manipulative and self-centred’ with  ‘a calculating side as well as a temper. He added that ‘I reject the suggestion that you were blind to what was happening in that house or that you were naive…Your conduct over the months prevented Peter from being seen by social services. You actively deceived the authorities.’

Her partner was jailed for life and told that he would serve at least ten years for abusing Baby P and the rape of a two-year-old girl.

The sentences have come on the same day as the findings of the second serious case review which concluded that the abuse and death ‘could and should have been prevented’ and that Baby P ‘deserved better from the services that were there to protect him.’ And that ‘the panel deeply regrets the responses of the services were not sufficiently effective in protecting him.’

As I have mentioned previously, the death of Baby P was wholly avoidable. All vulnerable children have to be protected and the systems in place to do so have to be comprehensive. Lets hope we don’t have to discuss any similar cases in the future

3 Responses to Baby P’s Mother Jailed

  1. Thomas J Hertslet says:

    I am truly glad that I was not born and raised in England, despite the fact that my family has a lieage of service for the royal house.
    This is totally unacceptable, the woman and the boy friend should be for life behind bars and in total service of handicapped children. ( i.e. cleaning up after them, all types of meanial tasks; naturally 24/7 supervised. Any misstep calls for 24 hr solidary confinement).
    All negligent government employees connected with this shameful affair must be fired and all pension benefits revoked. They swore to take care and protect their little charges from evil and incompetent people,
    they bitterly failed.
    I am glad to be a citizen of the EU and Germany in particular.
    Thomas J. Hertslet

  2. Jeff Hanson says:

    I do not think that Tracy C, Steven B or Jason O should be around any children. They should be in jail for the rest of their lives or receive the death penalty. They should also be prevented from having any more children. I am ashamed to be English and ashamed that our government has not given Baby Peter justice. Their sentences were very lenient. I am not a supporter of violence but this case has led me to hope for justice beyond jail time for Tracy, Steven and Jason.

  3. Tasia says:

    This is crazy i think they should be under the jail buring in hell because i dont understand why anyone would want to harm a child he coulded do anything but cry he was so use to the abuse that he learned how to take the pain in sillens im only 11 years old and i think they sould burn in hell!!!!!!!!!

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