Obama U-turn

September 17, 2009

President Obama is to scrap the European missile defence shield which is a major break with the Bush administration and a feather in the cap of Russian intransigence diplomacy. The scrapping of the defence shield is a major triumph for the tough stance the Russians adopted and will give them renewed confidence in any future military/NATO dealings. The Czechs and the poles have been left in limbo and will feel that their defence is not the same priority under President Obama as it was under the previous administration. They will also now have to deal more cautiously with a confident and aggressive Russia.

And perhaps the most important factor in this is the impact of this decision on the Iranians. What should we read into this policy reversal as far as the Iranian nuclear issue is concerned? Does this decision indicate that Washington doesn’t think Iran will in the immediate future acquire a nuclear weapon or does it mean that it is inevitable that the Iranians will acquire a nuclear weapon but that it will leave it to others at a regional level such as the Israelis to contain and deal with? If it is the latter then this is a seriously significant shift in US foreign policy.

Brown Cuts

September 16, 2009

Lockerbie Fallout

September 2, 2009

The duplicity of the Government in dealing with the fallout of the release of al-Megrahi continues to unravel. Its starting position was that it had nothing to do with al-Megrahi’s release which has now shifted to one where it didn’t want him to die in prison.   

It would have been far better for the Government to have been honest and simply say that they returned a dying man to his home country in exchange of several lucrative business contracts which would benefit UK businesses – that is most likely the reality of this situation and presumably what everyone believes anyway and to try and suggest otherwise is to take the public for fools.

Blogging Resumption

September 1, 2009

Blogging will resume now the holidays have ended.