Debate As Expected

Last night’s debate between the three main political parties went very much as I expected. David Cameron had the most to lose as expectations of him to win the debate easily were very high and were never going to be met once Clegg was allowed to debate and another opposition leader was able to attack Brown and present an alternative set of policies. There wasn’t much expected of Brown so the only direction he could have gone is up which he only just did and Clegg was always going to gain the most as he could more or less say whatever he wanted knowing he will never be PM and could use the ‘same old party’ attack against both Labour and Conservatives and portray himself as the radical third way.

In the end all three candidates stuck to their policy lines with Nick Clegg looking most assertive and on most polls winning the debate. Now the Clegg novelty factor has worn off it will be interesting to see how he does in the other two debates especially as expectations will be high for him to repeat his performance of last night.

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