Nick Griffin & Question Time

October 23, 2009

I was unfortunately very disappointed with last nights Question Time and especially the way David Dimbleby chaired the discussion. Everyone knows that the BNP is a racist and vile party. Nick Griffin’s views are equally well known especially those relating to race, immigration and Islam i.e BNP topics. Yet more than three quarters of the show was devoted to these issues with quotes of what Griffin has stated in the past being thrown at him from all sides. Griffin despite being hated by almost all in the audience must have been delighted to have had the chance to say that immigration had been and was still out of control and that Islam was incompatible with western democracy. His message wasn’t to the studio audience but to those living in run down council estates and other deprived areas where such messages are so well received. He had several more open goals and had he not been so nervous and overwhelmed he could have made more of this opportunity to put forward his ideology and get his message across.

The panel discussions should have focused more on current concerns of the population on matters such as the economy, housing, education etc which would have exposed the shallowness of the BNP ideology. The BNP does well when it is criticizing others, highlighting or exposing populist concerns and being entirely negative and blaming a particular group for all society’s ills. Yet it doesn’t do well or win when it has to put forward policies to tackle these concerns or explain them in any detail.

Griffin would have looked even more out of his depth on discussions on education or crime or managing the economy out of the recession. In the end the BBC got its ratings and we didn’t learn anymore than we already knew about the BNP and Nick Griffin, who could have made much more of the oppurtunity afforded to him by the BBC to get his message out but failed to do so.

Racists Elected!

June 8, 2009

The BNP has won two seats in the European elections including getting its leader Nick Griffin elected in the North west region….more comment later

Elections To Police Authorities Scrapped

December 18, 2008

Only a month ago Vernon Coaker, the Policing Minister in support of direct elections to Police Authorities said that ‘only direct election, based on geographic constituencies, will deliver the strong connection to the public which is critical’ and dismissing fears from the Local Government Association and Association of Police Authorities of the BNP flooding authorities with its supporters he added, ‘The BNP has stood against many of the councillors on police authorities. They have stood against me. How have we beaten them? By persuasion; we have pointed out the racist nature of much of what they say.’

Presumably what Vernon Coaker said a month ago no longer applies as the Home Secretary has dropped plans for direct elections blaming the politicisation of the Police as a concern and the potential for BNP members to get elected. How odd that in an old and established democracy, people fear the outcome of a democratic result.

As far as politicisation is concerned, Jacqui Smith is talking utter nonsense. She seems to think that when Police chase targets and do what Ministers want them to do there’s no politicisation but when there’s a chance that the Police might end up doing what the public demands, they’re being politicised!

It is in the Labour Party’s genes to try and maintain state control over everything. Here, it flirted with local autonomy for Police Authorities albeit based on flawed plans but at the eleventh hour bottled it as it has previously in health and education with plans for Foundation Hospitals and School Academies. 

Has Nick Griffin Undermined BNP Philosophy?

November 20, 2008

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP responded to a question put to him on Channel 4 news yesterday by replying that teachers who were members of the BNP should not lose their jobs as long as they did not bring their political beliefs into the classroom – in effect saying that if they are the best people for their jobs, that should be the most important factor. To support his argument, Griffin queried what the outcry would be like if parents of Christian children asked for the removal of a Muslim teacher.

If he is putting forward the case that teachers should not be judged on their political beliefs (even if they are regarded as racist) but on their professional ability, then doesn’t this undermine BNP philosophy which says that its a person’s colour or religion (Islam usually) which is the most important factor when determining a person’s suitability for something like nationality/citizenship?

And therefore, if a black or Asian person, regardless of where they were born signs up to the ethos of this country, isn’t his ability to adhere to that ethos more important that the colour of his skin or his religion? Nick Griffin in his analogy has confirmed that it is.

BNP Membership List Leaked

November 19, 2008

The BNP is making a big song and dance about the leaking of its membership list on the Internet. Quite bizarrely it is seeking to rely on the Human Rights Act which it despises to seek redress and protect the privacy of its members. What next, a Muslim lawyer to fight its cause in court perhaps?

Having stood against BNP candidates in two local elections, my view is that if the BNP is allowed to stand candidates then it should be afforded protection in the same way as all other parties. If BNP members want their names to remain private, then that should be respected. If it wants to use the Human Rights Act to protect its members and expose its hypocrisy then so be it.

No doubt we’ll be told that BNP members wish to keep their names out of the public domain as they fear persecution which is the usual spin put out by the BNP. The reality is that many of its members wouldn’t want to be publicly associated with a racist and hate filled ideology where colour of skin is more important than any beliefs and values a person holds no matter what excuse they use in private to justify their membership.