Damian Green Cleared!

April 16, 2009

Damian Green will not be charged over the Home Office leaks because the DPP has rightly albeit belatedly concluded what most people already knew that he was simply doing his job as an opposition politician.

Damian Green

It was obvious to everyone except the Police that Damian Green wasn’t guilty of any crime and by dragging it out for so long, both the Police and CPS have appeared foolish and guilty of wasting taxpayers money.


Damian Green has behaved with dignity throughout this sorry episode and I am extremely pleased that he can now continue to do his work without the threat of being charged for a criminal offence hanging over his head.

Quick Apology

December 22, 2008

Met police assistant commissioner Bob Quick has apologised unreservedly to the Conservative Party which it has accepted for making unsubstantiated allegations against it.

I can’t see how Mr Quick can continue to lead the Damian Green investigation after this sorry episode. The whole Damian Green affair has portrayed the anti terror Police in a terrible light and has been an unmitigated PR disaster. The sooner the Police drop this investigation and move on to dealing with actual terror the better.

Queen’s Speech

December 3, 2008

A very short speech with only 12 bills plus two old ones and nothing very exciting or radical to catch the eye. But as always we have another Immigration Bill to support Government rhetoric of being tough on illegal immigration!

Could the reduced number of bills hint at an early election with Labour MP’s being given as much time as possible to spend in their constituencies and away from Westminster? The speech will be in any event overshadowed by the Speaker’s statement to MP’s on the Damian Green arrest which will be live blogged at Conserativehome. And to ensure this matter becomes partisan, the Dark Lord has entered into the fray with his customary and accusatory comments.

Green Pickle

December 2, 2008

The Government and the Police have got themselves into a complete pickle over the Damian Green arrest. The Police will now investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Damian Green, as well as the ongoing investigation by the Police into that arrest – an investigation into an investigation that isn’t complete!

Government ministers meanwhile are were planning to hold a secret meeting to discuss the Speaker’s Statement to Parliament without the Tories or Lib Dems being invited, details of which were accidentally leaked to the Tories but which was denied after its leak! And Jacqui Smith is now choosing her words very carefully and only saying that she did not know of the details of the investigation, leaving open the inference that she did know of the arrest. Sometimes it makes you wonder whether some of this lot realise why they are in Parliament and how stupid they must look to the watching and soon to be voting public.

Damian Green’s Arrest Is Embarrassing

November 28, 2008

While terrorists were carrying out atrocities in Mumbai and most counter terrorist teams around the world were observing and no doubt learning about a worryingly new tactic that these terrorists had deployed, our counter terror police in London were busy arresting a Member of Parliament and raiding his parliamentary and constituency offices for revealing statistics and other relevant information of public interest which the Home Office refused to disclose.

The arrest of Damian Green by counter terrorism officers is a huge embarrassment for counter terror Police and the Government. More worryingly, it represents a dangerous step towards reducing the role of a parliamentarian and especially one belonging to the opposition.

We have long suspected that the Labour Government’s natural instincts are authoritarian. It relied on the Police to support its argument of wanting to hold terror suspects without trial for up to 90 days. It’s created hundreds of new criminal and civil offences and continues to introduce legislation whenever it gets a chance and especially when if feels this might be popular with voters. It introduced the Freedom of Information Act yet does all it can to withhold relevant information citing national interests and other such excuses as a defence. The list is endless. Now we see an attempt to silence and prevent a Shadow Minister from effectively doing his job! If a journalist obtained statistics or data which showed the Government not being totally honest he would be congratulated for getting hold of a major scoop and for effective journalism. A Shadow Minister obtaining and using similar information is ‘conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office.’

How can we have confidence in our legislation and in counter terror Police when we read about such behaviour? Surely someone at counter terrorism command would have looked at this and concluded that this case wasn’t one needing counter terror police or any other police for that matter?

Ian Dale has written a couple of excellent posts on this which everyone should read.