BNP Membership List Leaked

November 19, 2008

The BNP is making a big song and dance about the leaking of its membership list on the Internet. Quite bizarrely it is seeking to rely on the Human Rights Act which it despises to seek redress and protect the privacy of its members. What next, a Muslim lawyer to fight its cause in court perhaps?

Having stood against BNP candidates in two local elections, my view is that if the BNP is allowed to stand candidates then it should be afforded protection in the same way as all other parties. If BNP members want their names to remain private, then that should be respected. If it wants to use the Human Rights Act to protect its members and expose its hypocrisy then so be it.

No doubt we’ll be told that BNP members wish to keep their names out of the public domain as they fear persecution which is the usual spin put out by the BNP. The reality is that many of its members wouldn’t want to be publicly associated with a racist and hate filled ideology where colour of skin is more important than any beliefs and values a person holds no matter what excuse they use in private to justify their membership.