Comrade Brown

November 25, 2008

Tony Blair must be hopping mad at yesterday’s move by Gordon Brown to return to the socialist policies of Old Labour. While in power, Blair was thwarted by Brown whenever he attempted to break with Labour Party dogma and introduce policies such as Foundation Trust Hospitals and School Academies, with the final version of such policies always being drastically watered down – but he kept trying anyway and achieved some success in overcoming Brown.

But with Blair now out of the way and the leadership plot successfully seen off, Brown has reverted to type. He is now free to borrow, spend and tax without any care or control regardless of the fact that the nation’s finances will be left in a complete and utter mess, once again left to a future Government to sort out.

Had Blair remained a MP, I suspect a New Labour cabal led by Alan Milburn would be having clandestine meetings to plan to remove Brown and save New Labour. But with Blair gone and none of the others having the stomach for a fight, Brown is left to return Labour to its socialist roots which has left commentators like Polly Toynbee doing cartwheels of joy but the country facing its bleakest future for a generation. Comrade Brown is now in charge.