Conservative Manifesto

April 13, 2010

You can read it here

In short the Conservatives plan:

· to build a new economic model

· to build the Big Society

· to build a political system where people have more power and control over their lives.

Compare it with Labour’s manifesto and its:

· Big State -v-Big Society

· Government meddling-v- Trusting people

· Big debt and Borrowing -v-Prudence and New Economics.

Education Policy

January 18, 2010

The most radical policy that will be put forward by the Conservatives at the general election relates to Schools. Michael Gove is putting together a package which if implemented correctly will radically reform the way children are educated and give their parents a genuine choice as to where they want to send their children.

The first draft of the schools section of the manifesto has been published and is here. David Cameron’s speech on schools which he gave this morning can be read here.

Quick Apology

December 22, 2008

Met police assistant commissioner Bob Quick has apologised unreservedly to the Conservative Party which it has accepted for making unsubstantiated allegations against it.

I can’t see how Mr Quick can continue to lead the Damian Green investigation after this sorry episode. The whole Damian Green affair has portrayed the anti terror Police in a terrible light and has been an unmitigated PR disaster. The sooner the Police drop this investigation and move on to dealing with actual terror the better.